Mission and vision

Mozzart approached defining the mission and vision, realizing that respecting these principles is the only way to the top, which is why it has implemented them in its business policy and every business process since its founding. Thanks to the awareness of the importance of these principles and consistency in their implementation, today Mozzart can be said to sovereignly govern the market and set an example to others through its responsible business and social responsibility. Mozzart is the leading gaming brand in Southeast Europe, and our vision is to hold a strong leadership position. Aware that in all segments we must always be different and be above others in quality, we try – and succeed – to always be one step ahead of the competition with our own solutions, as evidenced by the successful expansion of the business.

The implementation of our software and betting system on several continents, as well as brand recognition worldwide is impossible to achieve without exceptional staff, which is why from year to year we employ the best experts in their fields. The abilities of our employees are reflected in the equally important quality of our offer, which we are constantly expanding with new products. In addition to providing superior service to its customers on a daily basis, company Mozzart is a partner to numerous individuals and institutions that it helps in all spheres of society, bringing benefits to the entire community - by supporting sports, education, culture, health and humanitarian organizations. All previous goals of the company have been achieved thanks to Mozzart's employees who, following the company's mission, which is to maintain high business and financial performance and look after inventiveness, are constantly making a step forward in achieving the company's vision, to which they are especially committed.