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Mozzartbet’s „Cookies Policy“, explains what cookies are, which cookies are used by Mozzartbet and why, which of your data is collected by cookies and for what purposes we use it and what you can do to manage cookies. 

When we collect your personal data by cookies, our Privacy Policy applies to collection and use of such data. We ask you to read carefully this Policy.

Besides, this Cookies Policy is integral part of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small textual files transferred to computer or mobile device of user for the purpose of monitoring use of some websites and improvement of user experience. They are used to enable websites to function, be more efficient and permanently improved. If on a user’s computer receipt of cookies is turned off, user can still access websites, with a note that some functionalities may be restricted.

Types of cookies

Own cookies (first-party cookies) and third-party cookies

Mozzartbet uses own cookies (first-party cookies) and third-party cookies. Difference between own cookies and third-party cookies is in website or domain set by a cookie. Own cookies are cookies which are put by Mozzartbet and information obtained via own cookies is received by Mozzartbet. Third-party cookies are put on your browser by our business partners when visiting our website in order to collect data on your use of website and on possible activities on other websites. Third parties collect data directly from your browser and Privacy Policies of such third parties apply to processing of data collected in this way.

Persistent and session cookies

Own cookies (first-party cookies) and cookies of third parties, depending on how long they last, may be persistent or session.

Persistent cookies consist of textual file which is sent by server to browser, which will be kept by browser and stay on your computer or device until you delete it or until its expiry date. On the other hand, session cookies (which relate to session) expire at the end of user session, i.e. when browser is closed.

Cookies for different purposes

Cookies are used for different purposes. Below is a short overview of cookies used by Mozzartbet on this website

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies enable proper functioning of our website – by means of them we provide you with a possibility to see our website and experience its full functionality.

If you disagree with collection of this type of cookies, we ask you to immediately stop using our website, because necessary cookies cannot be turned off. If you continue using our website, you accept using necessary cookies which will be put on your browser.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect data about pages which were visited by you, how much time you spent on a website, how many pages with paid advertisements were visited by you and they also provide data necessary for testing of design of the website and finding possible problems in website functions.

By means of these cookies summary reports are created which help us monitor website performances, give us insight into how web site is used and how we can improve it.

Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies enable to website to remember whether you previously visited our website and what choices you made then, with the purpose of enabling better user experience. This helps us to improve functioning of our website and enables to our users to easily come to content which they look for. Data collected by these cookies may be anonymized and it is not possible to monitor individual actions of search by means of cookies (such as memorizing user settings, discovering whether selection of language was already performed). 

Cookies intended to certain target group (Targeting/Advertising cookies)}

These cookies collect data on your search habits and are used for displaying contents adapted to you and your preferences. They may be used for advertising or be intended to certain target group of users, monitoring of movement of users through website, counting of website visitors or for limitation of number of displaying the same advertisement on our website.

Third parties (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) may also put advertising cookies on our website which enables sharing content of our website on social media. Above third parties may use cookies for their own needs and privacy policies of such third parties shall apply to processing of data collected in this way.

Cookies management

Most of internet browsers are already set to accept cookies automatically.

Necessary cookies cannot be turned off.

Advertising cookies, functionality cookies and performance cookies are not necessary for operation of website, but they enable better search. You may delete or block these cookies, but if you do so, you might have to manually adapt some settings in every visit to our web pages, and there is a possibility that some functionalities and pages on our website will not operate in a usual way (you will experience restricted website functionalities).

If you agreed with our Cookies Policy, you may change or cancel your consent at any time (link).

You are able to delete third-party cookies by change in settings in your browser, using explanations given on sites or

If you use different devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) for access to our website you are required to perform appropriate settings in every browser on every device that you use. 

Besides, you may give up using Google analytics via

We ask you to have in mind that all changes in settings of cookies may restrict functioning of some websites.

How you can address us?

Functionality of this website is enabled by an expert team of Mozzartbet.

In case you have questions in connection with use of cookies or our Cookies Policy, you may contact us by e-mail at:

Amendments to Cookies Policy

All amendments to the Cookies Policy will be published on this page. We take all necessary measures to inform you on above amendments in an appropriate way.

This Cookies Policy was last time updated on March 17, 2021.